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Infrared Therapy

Weight Loss | Stress Relief

Our Infrared Therapy Devices stimulate your body to increase sweat production to cool itself, getting your heart to work harder to pump blood at a greater rate boosting circulation. This increase in your metabolism may burn calories.

Red Light Therapy

Muscle Recovery | Skin Health

Our Red Light Therapy Devices can stimulate cells to produce more ATP and collagen, both of which are essential ingredients to enhance the speed of muscle recovery and repair.

Salt Therapy

Respiratory Health

Our Salt Therapy Halogenerator detoxifies the lungs and stimulates the respiratory system—reducing inflammation, fighting infections, clearing blockages and reducing overall discomfort.

Superior Technology. Superior Results.

The Clearlight Advantage

As pioneers in the infrared sauna space, delivering high-quality infrared therapy for over 25 years, we quickly expanded our expertise to include light therapy as a way for our customers to supplement their sauna sessions. Our innovative Variable Optics® Technology is now available in our standalone red lights so you can enjoy the benefits of Clearlight Red Light Therapy anywhere.

Breathe Deep with HALO ONE

"I use (my HALO ONE) every time I sit in the sauna now and notice that I can breathe more deeply, that I have almost no sinus issues anymore, and that my skin seems to be better. I love my sauna anyway, but now the addition of the Halotherapy is making a complete rejuvenation system all in my own house, so thank you!"

-Pauline Bresnik

I Used Tech and Science to Sleep Better

"The Clearlight [Curve] Sauna was the weirdest, yet most rewarding, sleep tool I tried because I could feel my entire body relaxing and easing into sleep after each use. Some nights, I almost fell asleep in the sauna because I was in such a blissful state." READ MORE

-Lexy Savvides, CNET


Red light therapy

Normally $1,999.00

Ask Away, We Don’t Bite

Our customer support team and experts are here to help and can answer any questions you may have. Looking for guidance and advice on what solutions match your lifestyle? We can do that too.

FDA Registered

Clearlight Red Light Therapy is proudly FDA Registered, demonstrating our commitment to quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.


Our red light therapy products are proudly made in the USA. Clearlight is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating.