Mental Wellness Bundle (PERSONAL Tower + Free AROMA ONE + Free UV Wand)

Mental Wellness Bundle (PERSONAL Tower + Free AROMA ONE + Free UV Wand)

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Absorb the many healing qualities of Red Light Therapy with the PERSONAL Tower by Clearlight®.  Near-infrared light wavelengths allow for the light to penetrate beyond the skin, reach the brain, and have a direct impact on cells' ATP production and neuroplasticity, therefore alleviating depression and supporting overall mental health.

With the gift of a free AROMA ONE Aromatherapy Diffuser and a free UV Disinfecting Wand, live in comfort knowing that you are complementing your mental health regimen with revitalizing aromatherapy and proper hygienic measures. Maintaining a clean, healthy and safe space is imperative to ensuring your health and safety in everyday life. While many bacteria and viruses are heat, cold and drug resistant, our doctor designed and endorsed UV disinfectant wand utilizes high-powered LED lights, rendering them harmless.


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